meet the herd

It takes a very special horse to be part of a therapeutic riding program.

about our horses

Each member of our herd has a very unique personality, but they all share traits in common that make them ideal for serving the participants in our therapeutic riding and equine-assisted activities programs. Horses that succeed in these roles tend to be between 10 and 20 years old and have a solid foundation of training and experience. They’re also kind and patient by nature, less reactive than the average horse, and in good health with sound walk, trot and canter movement which is especially important for riders with physical challenges.

We assess new potential herd members for these desired qualities, followed by a trial period and training program to introduce them to their new role. They practice being on lead, teaming with sidewalkers, working with riders that may be vocal or physically unstable, and interacting with items on our sensory trail. They then complete a final assessment before serving riders and participants.

In appreciation of the special gifts our horses provide, we give them the best possible care with the help of veterinarians, equine dentists, horse chiropractors and masseuses, saddle fitters and hoof specialists. This kind of quality care requires a great deal of resources.  Please contact us if you’re interested in making a recurring or one-time contribution toward their care or if you are interesting in donating a horse that may be suitable for our programs.


← Berri

full name: Crescent Lake Berri Wyne

birthday: May 8, 2002

personality: full of energy and personality

fun fact: She loves being groomed and clearly communicates to participants how
much she enjoys the tender attention.


Chloe← Chloe

full name: Chloe Girl

birthday: February 14, 1999

personality: sweet and loving

fun fact: She loves taking children
on trail rides.

Suzie →

full name: Doublesan Scootnrouge

birthday: December 15, 2001

personality: Curious and playful

                                                      fun fact:  Suzie is the star of our unmounted program



Jocasta← Jocasta

full name: Spring Hollow Jocasta

birthday: May 8, 2002

personality: hardworking and smart

fun fact: She’s a world champion carriage
driver in the timed obstacle division.

KendallKendall →

full name: EVB Kendall Jackson

birthday: May 26, 2009

personality: playful and energetic

fun fact: She was donated to the farm
to honor and serve the victims of the
Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

krisp← Windsor

full name: Windsor Boy

birthday: June 1, 2001

personality: a loving snuggler

fun fact: He’s the largest of all our
horses with a big heart to match,
known as a real teddy bear.

ZoeZoe →

full name: Beta B Moet

birthday: April 23, 1999

personality: loving and driven

fun fact: She loves giving and
receiving affection with
participants and volunteers.



full name: Jed

birthday: xxxxxxx

personality: Goofy and cuddly

fun fact: Jed is gentle enough to work with our most physically challenged riders