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Our Therapeutic Riding Programs

We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of many different people, including not only those who benefit from therapeutic riding and other equine-assisted activities, but also members of the public interested in learning about human-equine partnerships and much more.

Our services are offered year round, broken into four semesters (winter, spring, summer and fall varying in length from six to twelve weeks. Certified therapeutic riding instructions, with the assistance of specially trained volunteers, conduct each session. Based on the needs of each participant, we explore the benefits of the human-equine bond through equine-assisted activities.

Therapeutic Riding: This course consists of both mounted and unmounted sessions (30 minutes each) providing participants with opportunities to develop riding skills learn how to care for horses. This program may be appropriate for children and adults working toward physical, educational, social, emotional or sensory goals. It includes one session on the same time and day each week.

Unmounted Horsemanship: This course focuses on participants gaining skills related to horse care and handling as well as stable upkeep. All sessions (30 minutes each) are unmounted, well suited for children and adults who are unable or choose not to ride while working on memory goals, following directions, reinforcing appropriate behavior or participating in positive physical activity. It includes one session on the same time and day each week.

Equine Assisted Learning/EAL/T: The focus of equine-assisted learning is on life skills development. Participants may take part in many of the same equine activities as above whether ground work, riding or carriage driving. However, the focus of each session is on self-development such as personal safety, confidence, building trusting relationships, awareness of interactions with others, etc. EAL sessions vary from 30-minute private sessions to groups of teens or adults for up to 2 hours, depending on the goals.

Therapeutic Carriage Driving: Therapeutic Carriage Driving may consist of ground driving, carriage driving, or both. Participants learn to bond and connect with their equine partner and communicate clearly through rein and voice aids. This program may be another alternative to those who are not interested in riding or for whom riding is not appropriate. Participants in this program receive the physical benefits from the movement of the carriage, cognitive befits from activities like harnessing and hitching the horse to the carriage and social and emotional benefits from communicating and bonding with their horse. Therapeutic Carriage driving consists of lessons lasting 30-45 Minutes based on the goals of the participant.

To ensure we’re able to best meet the needs of each participant, a completed application and assessment is required before a student begins one of our therapeutic programs.