Equine-Assisted Youth/Teen Specialty Programs

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Wellness Programs

Pathways Program

Does your teen or preteen struggle from the stress and demands of life?

Complicated by social anxiety, grief, trauma, ADHD, depression, bullying or being bullied, school refusal, and more?

Interaction with horses creates an environment which is sensory rich, non-verbal, non-judgmental and present centered. The large and powerful body of the horse is an unignorable point of interest, and its sheer mass creates a vulnerability which often allows teenagers to drop defensive posturing and explore new ways of communicating.

No horse experience required. Unmounted activities. Certified Instructors.

Farm Group Programs

For participants with autism, intellectual disability or other neurodivergence.

Our socially supportive group program is an introduction to relaxing and uplifting farm activities such as hiking and spending time outside; grooming a horse and learning about working with horses; walking and interacting with goats.

Summer Adventure Series

Our unique summer program of therapeutic gardening, equine-assisted activities, and adventure in the woods is designed to help build self-esteem and confidence, communication and relationship skills, self-regulation and awareness, stress reduction and relaxation.

Horses and nature are proven to help build positive connections to help with mental health and wellbeing. Helping participants to feel heard, understood, and accepted. Something all children will benefit from that are challenged by the stress and demands of everyday life. Especially those with social anxiety, grief, trauma, depression, parent illness, ADHD, divorce, bullying or being bullied, and so much more.

No horse experience required. Unmounted activities. Certified Instructors.

All activities are adapted as needed and allow positive social interaction, new skill development, and build confidence.