Mindfulness March and Beyond, at HATRC

7 rocks balancing on each other

Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center has an exciting new addition to our list of programs we would like to share. Since 2010 the core mission of Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center has been the dedication to improving the minds, bodies and spirits of children and adults with physical, developmental, and emotional challenges through the benefits of therapeutic riding and equine assisted activities. During the past 10 years we have served thousands of individuals, promoting healing and growth through both riding and non-riding interactions with our therapy horses.  One of the most profound things we have learned from our experience is that equine-assisted activities and the natural environment of the farm have the power to promote mindfulness, awareness and all of the benefits that flow from living in the moment.  We have come to believe the experience of mindfulness is one of the greatest agents of change towards health and wellness that Hidden Acres has to offer.

With that in mind, we feel the time has come to integrate more mindfulness activities into the Hidden Acres mission.  We are excited to say that we are preparing a series of on-line and on-farm offerings focused on mindfulness, meditation and self-exploration.  

Through video presentation, we hope to bring the beauty, peace and connection to nature which we experience here on the farm to our on-line community and share the healing energy of Hidden Acres far beyond those who are able to come to the farm in person. The videos will include body scans, guided meditations, passive meditations, breathing exercises and thoughtful prompts and questions to help spur self-exploration, and more.

The on-farm offerings, for those interested in travelling to the farm, will consist of individual and group sessions specifically tailored to use the horses and the environs of the farm to help people mindfully focus on self-awareness and connections to self, those around them and the natural world.

We hope you will continue to check back as more videos and programs are released and join Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center on your journey into mindful living.

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