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Classic Wall Calendars (8.5" x 11")


2021 Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center Calendar.

Our gorgeous calendar features photos of our therapy horses and environment taken by our own staff.

Please Order your 2021 Hidden Acres Therapeutic Riding Center Calendar Here!

2021 CALENDAR: $25

Classic Wall Calendars (8.5" x 11")

2021 Hidden Acres Gratitude Challenge Bracelet Set

Join Hidden Acres Gratitude Challenge. It is known that it take humans 21-27 days to form a new habit and in 2021 we challenge you to be your best self! Practice 30 days of switching all your complaints to thoughts of gratitude by using our gratitude bracelets! Begin the Challenge with the bracelet on your left hand; when you feel the urge to complain, replace the thought with one of gratitude! If you slip, switch the bracelet to the other hand and restart your 30 days!

SOLD IN SETS OF 5 to share with friends and family!

Makes a great stocking stuffer!


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